Sit At Yeshua’s Feet
Pastoral Retreat in the Negev

Sit At Yeshua's Feet - Pastoral Retreat in the Negev

Every few months our board of local Israeli pastors organizes a pastoral retreat geared towards local pastors who are on the frontline of active ministry and congregations in the land, both Jewish and Arab.

The name of this biannual retreat speaks volumes about its core vision and mission: SAYF — Sit At Yeshua’s Feet. This is exactly what we come here to do collectively as pastors; to seek the Lord, sit at His feet, disconnect for 3 days and just listen to what He has to say to us in the desert silence, where His voice is usually heard the clearest.

It is also an opportunity for the local pastors to take time out of our busy schedules to just come together as brethren, spend time in prayer, worship, fellowship, fasting, encouraging one another and carrying each other’s burdens.

As pastors and leaders who lead in the nation of Israel during such troubled times, this retreat is of great importance to every pastor.

The fact that SAYF pastoral retreat coincided with the Negev Summit of Middle Eastern leaders is amazing and so prophetic.

As we gather together, Jewish and Arab pastors from the land, and sit at Yeshua’s feet in the Negev desert, just a few minutes from where a historic Negev Summit is taking place with middle eastern leaders, it is a prophetic significance of true peace in the Middle East, just as God promised.

Pray for our time at SAYF pastoral retreat, for the body of Christ in Israel, unity among believers, wisdom and clarity of vision for the local Israeli pastors.