Sofia and Yakov’s Story

Sofia and Yakov

An elderly couple, Sofia and Yakov, made aliyah from Kyiv, Ukraine just recently. Despite being Jewish, they had no plans to emigrate to Israel, but the war forced their hands and they took a step of faith and completed the process of aliyah. Sofia is a piano teacher, and her husband Yakov is a civil engineer. Back in Ukraine, he continued to work as an engineer, despite already being retired. Sophia loves the city of Jerusalem and loves visiting the city to see the Biblical sites.

During our most recent conversation with them, we spoke about Israel’s history in the scriptures and prophecy, and eventually, we began discussing prayer, as the couple had a strong desire to know and commune with God. We shared with them from the scriptures about Jesus and what he taught about prayer, that you can pray anywhere, and that you don’t need to pray at a specific place like the Western Wall. If you receive Jesus, the Holy Spirit will fill your heart, and you will be in reconciliation with God, communing with Him continually.

They listened attentively and were very open to the Gospel, and made the decision to pray the prayer of salvation and to receive Yeshua as their Lord and Savior. They have also started attending our services and are walking the path that God laid out for them. Hallelujah!