Special Holocaust Survivors Event with Don Finto

After so many years of working closely with Holocaust survivors, all of whom are in their advanced years, if there’s one thing you learn is that it requires a great deal of sensitivity, humility, and a very generous heart. What you get in return is so enriching and rewarding, that you truly realize the depth of God’s command: “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Throughout the years we were blessed enough to meet such a generous soul, a true friend of Israel who has devoted his life to supporting God’s nation and has had a very special place in his heart for Holocaust survivors.

His name is Don Finto.

His frequent visits to Israel, his unwavering support, and unconditional friendship have been used by God to build up this nation. But his special heart for Holocaust survivors has made him a truly cherished friend of theirs, one they love meeting each time he visits the land.

Don Finto is 92 years young, and he has led an incredible and impacting life that has touched and transformed many along the way.

In many ways, Don was a pioneer in bringing the understanding of Israel to the church in the US, and the importance of supporting Israel.

He’s a true friend and patriot of Israel, one that even had the opportunity to experience our reality like a local, when we were touring with him a few years ago in Ashdod and were caught in rocket fire from Gaza, having to lie on the ground and take cover as sirens were blaring over our heads. Don never shied away from anything that had to do with Israel and support it in every way.

A former professor at Oxford, pastor of a big church, author of several books on Israel, organizer of large pro-Israel conferences, humanitarian supporter, and devoted educator to generations of Christians in the US.

It is so important to highlight the dear friends that are behind the support and the love Israel receives. Honor where honor is due. So many things make Don Finto an amazing man of God, but his special love for Holocaust survivors has made him stand out and become a truly beloved man among these precious people.

They are more thankful than you know for the love they receive from you, knowing your heart for them, this nation, and God.

If there was ever an opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the nation of Israel — this is it: supporting Holocaust survivors in their latter days, helping them experience the depth of God’s love and faithfulness through simple acts of kindness and generosity.

Support our Holocaust survivors today!