Stock / Mutual Fund Gifting

National Christian Foundation

Thank you for stewarding God’s resources in a way that furthers the Kingdom of Christ here on earth. Voice of Judah Israel provides a way to give appreciated stock and mutual funds.

Please download the Letter of Intent (click here) that includes information from our partner, The National Christian Foundation Indiana (NCFI) about how to give stock and mutual funds to Voice of Judah Israel. NCFI, a 501(c)(3) specializes in receiving these and other complex gifts on our behalf.

Here are the steps to make a charitable contribution of this kind:

  1. Please communicate with your brokerage firm that you wish to make a charitable in-kind transfer of publicly traded securities to NCF. Some brokerage firms will require you to use their own Letter of Intent (LOI), some firms permit you to use the NCF LOI (click here).
    • Initiate and follow up on the transfer with your broker. NCF’s receiving account information is listed on page 1 of the Letter of Authorization. The receiving Giving Fund is Voice of Judah Israel Single Charity Fund (#3720052).
  2. Submit a copy of the completed Letter of Intent to Director of Giver Services NCFI, Anna Campbell, via email [email protected] or fax 888-566-5850. In order to properly complete your charitable gift to Voice of Judah Israel, NCFI requires this form to verify your specific gift. The LOI also allows them to receipt the Giver accurately. For NCFI purposes, you do not need to sign this LOI.

For questions or additional assistance with this process, or to give a complex gift such as Real Estate or Business Interest please call Anna Campbell at (317) 570-5850.

Other important notes:

  • Always consult with your professional advisors before making any gift.
  • Your gift of appreciated publicly traded securities typically must be made in-kind, NOT as cash from the proceeds resulting from trade/sale of those securities.
  • Voice of Judah Israel and NCFI cannot authorize your broker to make any transfer. For thatreason, be sure to follow up that the transfer has been initiated, particularly near year-end.
  • Your gift receipt for tax purposes will be mailed from NCF once the gift has fully processed.

THANK YOU for your generosity in your ongoing support of Voice of Judah Israel!