Svetlana’s Story
Simple Acts of Kindness providing the Greatest of Spiritual Relief


Svetlana recently made aliyah from Odessa with her two daughters. She had arrived in Israel with barely anything in her possession, and had come to our warehouse for help with clothing and appliances.

When we met her there were tears in her eyes.

We invited Svetlana to talk, and she told us that she would appreciate that, but that she wasn’t able to as she would constantly cry.

She shared with us that fleeing the war in Ukraine had had a severe effect on her and that she just kept weeping day and night. She also mentioned that she had already sought psychological help, as her daughters are very worried about her condition.

We encouraged her to just try and share a bit of what was on her heart. She agreed and shared with us that she was only able to leave with her two daughters.

Her husband and adult son had to remain behind in Odessa. They were initially going to make aliyah in 2020, and had already collected their documents, but then her son had an accident requiring intensive surgery.

Because of that, they postponed their move to Israel. When the war began, Svetlana refused to leave Ukraine, as she did not want to leave her husband and son, but her husband insisted that Svetlana take her daughters and make aliyah.

Svetlana shared how incredibly worried and anxious she was about her husband and son.

We began to talk about God, and about faith in Jesus. She said she had been praying ever since her son had his accident. We invited her to pray a prayer of salvation, inviting Yeshua into her heart.

And so we held hands and prayed together for her family, for Svetlana to see God in her situation so that she could trust Him with her life and the life of her family.

At the end of the conversation, she said in surprise, “I didn’t cry at all during the whole conversation!” She said she felt very light inside as if a burden was lifted.

When she left, she was very grateful for the much-needed help we were able to offer her, but also for the love, care, and kindness that enabled her to unload the heavy burden she was carrying, and allow God to enter into her situation.

Svetlana’s story is one of countless we face every day working with people fleeing terrible circumstances. There are stories, lives, brokenness, and hopelessness behind each one of these faces. They come to us seeking help, and through your kindness and generosity, they are able to find not just much-needed humanitarian relief, but also God’s love that touches their hearts and gives their souls the relief they need.

Please consider supporting this crucial humanitarian relief that goes far beyond providing material aid, it provides comfort, hope, and relief in times of terrible need.