Svetlana’s Testimony

Our team recently had a divine appointment where the Lord led us to a lovely lady named Svetlana, who has been living in Israel for the past 20 years. She owns the apartment directly above where we hold one of our weekly home group meetings. 

We had the opportunity to share in fellowship with her during one of our services at Beit Hallel. As she shared her heart, she told us that she had been in three (3) near-death situations in her life and has been searching for God and truth ever since.

We shared the Gospel message with her and our own testimonies of salvation. She listened intently and seemed genuinely touched by what we had shared. We then offered to lead her in a prayer of repentance and reconciliation with God through faith in Jesus. Svetlana happily agreed, and after she had accepted the Lord, her face shone as she cried tears of joy. We presented her with her very first Bible. We could see how deeply it touched her and how grateful she was.

Since our meeting, Svetlana has been attending the home group held in the apartment directly beneath hers. She has also been attending our Shabbat services, loves meeting for prayer, and continues to grow in the grace of the Lord.