Take Heed

What if having a map of the future could hinder rather than help Christians in a journey of faith? What if the key to strengthening our faith is being ready to face the unknown?  Uncertainty of the future often makes us feel powerless. We long for a roadmap and timeline to guide us.

We may not know the future, but the Bible gives us clear directives on how to be ready. “Be on guard. Be Alert!” (Mark 13:33).  This instruction is a powerful tool to deal with attacks of the enemy as well as the insecurity of the future. Christians today must discern the times we are living in. We need to understand the critical role we play as “Watchmen on the Wall.” Believers are the first defense in the enemy’s line of attack, as prayers are our weapons.

However, watching and praying for the glorious return of Yeshua is the core aspect of our faith. This act of devotion serves as a reminder of the promise of His to return for us, His bride. Saying steadfast in our commitment to this belief in these uncertain times reminds us to live with purpose and faith, no matter how long the wait.

In this devotional video, Pastor Israel delves into the passage of Mark 13:33 and the importance of being ready for the Master’s return. If we are mindful of the times we are living in, we can see the hour of His anticipated return is drawing close. This awareness should provoke us to reflect on our actions and beliefs, developing a readiness for what lies ahead. It is through our faith we will receive both comfort and strength while we “watch and pray.”

Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is.” What is the significance of the parable in Mark 13:34 during these times we are living in? Pastor Israel takes you through this passage and shares why we should “take heed” in this hour.