Tatyana’s Joy – A Deep Healing

At our recent campaign in Galilee, we met Tatyana, who is a refugee from Ukraine. She had fled the war in Ukraine along with her daughter and grandchildren. While she lived in Ukraine, she worked at the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Her life seemed organized and complete, that is until the war broke out.

Tatyana was at our event when she heard the Word of God preached for the first time. She was deeply touched and eagerly responded to the call, giving her heart and life to Yeshua. 

Afterward, we met with Tatyana several times to help her on her journey with Jesus and help answer the many questions she had. Through this discipleship time, the Lord also allowed her to be reconciled with her daughter, whose relationship had been strained for many years.

Tatyana went on to complete the Alpha course and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Now she attends our Shabbat services regularly, and
her life has changed. Joy has come, and depression has completely left her. She also shared that she loves reading the Bible and getting to know Jesus more intimately. Amen!