Tea Club Outreach – Creative Ways to Reach the Lost

Tea Club Outreach – Creative Ways to Reach the Lost

Evangelism can come in many shapes and sizes. As we pray for God’s wisdom in these ever-changing times, He guides us and gives us ideas for reaching people more effectively. One of the creative approaches He gave us was through a recently launched project at Beit Hallel called “Tea Club Outreach.” 

It all stemmed from seeing how grateful people were for the attention, the conversations, and the care they received through our humanitarian projects. We saw people’s deep need for fellowship to help them feel like they were not alone in their struggles. 

Our Tea Club Outreach was born with the idea in mind to provide a warm, safe, and nurturing environment for people where they can come once a week for tea and a good chat. Friendships will be formed, trust will be built, and hearts will be opened to the Lord. 

Our vision for the Tea Club Outreach is a creative approach to evangelism, ensuring people are in a safe environment where they can ask questions, share their burdens, receive prayer, and hear the good news of salvation. 

This format allows people to open up, create bonds, build trust, and form lasting relationships with fellow brothers and sisters. 

Pray for our Tea Club Outreach led by Pastor Vicky Pochtar. This is a much-needed project that reaches out a helping hand and shares the gospel in a creative and effective way.