The birth of a Vision

Sometimes, God surprises us by giving visions much greater than our humble dreams. However, when we let go and surrender our dreams to Him, we open ourselves up to endless possibilities. We are inviting God to take our dreams and turn them into something far more magnificent than we could have ever envisioned. It becomes a journey of faith that moves mountains.

Simple dreams are often a starting point for God’s grander vision. Fifteen years ago, Pastor Israel Pochtar embarked on a weekly pilgrimage to the serene mountains near Jerusalem to seek God’s wisdom for his humble dream of establishing a Messianic church in Ashdod. However, the Lord visited him with a much larger vision than just a church. He would become a voice to the cities of Judah and Israel, proclaiming the Good News to Zion (Isa. 40:9).

Witness a journey of FAITH as Pastor Israel shares how his dream to bring the message of salvation to his people became a reality. His willingness to surrender to God birthed Voice of Judah Israel, a faith-based ministry that has transformed hearts and brought about a positive change in the lives of so many who are lost and searching for hope.

From meek beginnings to a vision of the future, VOJI ministry is a testament to God’s provision and the power of dreams. When we surrender our preconceived notions and allow God to lead, He takes our dreams and breathes life into them, infusing them with purpose and meaning that transcends our limited understanding.

VOJI is so grateful to have partners like YOU, who see the value of this ministry. YOU are part of this magnificent vision given to Pastor Israel. YOU are planting the churches, evangelizing, discipling, and providing humanitarian aid to the lost sheep of Israel with your support. Continue to fervently pray over this nation and the affect we are having on the Israeli people!