The Power of Love between Arab and Jewish Believers

Jewish and Arab Conference in Eilat – The Power of Love between Arab and Jewish Believers
There’s something very special about the city of Eilat. A crossroad city that meets three different middle eastern countries: Jordan, Egypt, and Israel, with Saudi Arabia in view. It makes it even more special when we can come together here at the end of the year with other fellow pastors and young leaders, both Jewish and Arab, to celebrate our unity in Christ, to form a tighter bond, fellowship, pray and worship as one new man in Him, as we share, encourage and edify one another during these important conference days. Jewish and Arab believers in Yeshua standing together and worshiping the Messiah is something special, and something you don’t see, nor hear about, yet the love of God that binds us is powerful. For us, it is a beautiful reality of living and ministering here in Israel side by side with our Arab brothers in Christ. Sasson, our youth pastor, takes you inside the conference, to give you a glimpse at what it looks and feels like when 200 Jewish and Arab believers come together to pray and worship Yeshua. The intricate precious bond and connection that God forms among us during this conference is truly amazing and a powerful reflection of what true unity looks like. Thank you for your ongoing prayers for us here in Israel, and please continue supporting our work in the Land, so you can continue witnessing what the Lord is doing in Israel among Jewish and Arab believers through your generous giving.