The Power of Pentecost

A Jerusalem Harvest

The Biblical feast of Shavuot is known as the Day of Pentecost, the Festival of Harvest (Firstfruits), and The Festival of Weeks. This important feast commemorates 7 weeks or precisely 50 days from Passover, which is why it is called Pentecost (“Fiftieth day” in Greek), and it is to celebrate the first fruits of the harvest.

The entire spring season of Israel, from Passover to Pentecost, speaks of God’s Plan to harvest a holy people for Himself. First, Jesus died as the perfect, sinless sacrifice, then He arose to become the firstfruits of the dead. 

When God first spoke to us about organizing an evangelism campaign in Jerusalem for Shavuot (Pentecost), He gave very specific cities He wanted us to target to gather the people to attend. It didn’t make much sense at first, until the escalation with Gaza, and then we saw that those cities were the ones to receive most of the rocket fire. God was preparing hope and comfort for people even before trouble began! How endless is the goodness of our God! 

We initially had planned to take 450 people up to Jerusalem for Shavuot to hear the gospel for the first time in their lives, but the recent attack on Israel has left a spiritual impact. God is pulling at the people’s heartstrings. Desperate and looking for hope, many others have begun expressing interest in joining our evangelism event in Jerusalem and hearing the message about their Messiah. What a unique opportunity to share the great hope found only in Yeshua!

On top of the 450 people already confirmed, we need to bring another 50 more searching people with us, which is an additional full bus that will cost us $2,500. Join us in giving to make this happen in this critical time in Israel.