The Power to Forgive
The New Testament is deeply rooted in the Old Testament on which it stands. Oftentimes we read a scripture in the New Testament thinking it’s a brand new concept that hasn’t existed before, but then we go back to the Old Testament and see everything has its foundation in it. One example, once Jesus was asked: “How much should we forgive? Seven times?” We can find a reference to it after the tragic story of Cain killing his own brother, God actually said Cain wouldn’t be killed for what he did and anyone who will kill him would be punished (“avenged seven times”). Interestingly enough, we see God’s grace and mercy already revealed.

If Cain is avenged seven times, then Lamech seventy-seven times.

Genesis 4:24

When Yeshua was asked how much we should forgive? Seven times? He said: “no, seventy times seven!” The amount of times the Lord instructs us to forgive us is staggering. Which serves as a daily reminder we are to walk in forgiveness (“slikhá” — סליחה) We are reminded to release our blessing over people and forgive them for what they have done. In fact, it is the core part of Yeshua’s message — forgiveness. I pray that as you go through life’s challenges and difficult situations, your feelings were hurt by other people, you feel wronged, however remember Yeshua’s words, because they carry power. His words aren’t mere information and instruction that we must forgive, His words carry power and life. They give us the supernatural ability to love and forgive. May God grant you the power to forgive those you need to forgive and release, and may the power to forgive inside of you be multiplied seventy-fold.