The Prophetic Return

The Prophetic Return

For I will take you out of the nations; I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land.”

Ezekiel 36:24

It’s amazing all the things we take for granted that we use in our day-to-day life. Items like: bedding, towels, blankets, kitchen supplies, crockery, even small electric appliances like a kettle or fan in the hot Israeli summer — the bare essentials. These are things many of the new Olim (immigrant) families don’t own or even have the ability to access.

It’s virtually impossible to comprehend the courage and strength it requires to choose to leave the only life you knew behind to move to another country with a completely different language and culture. Arriving with not much more than one suitcase along with very little money, these people are filled with hope as they begin their new lives in the land that God had given their forefathers.

Although there is great prophetic significance in the return of the Jewish people to Israel, there is the practical aspect of the actual Aliyah. It is an immense challenge for Jewish families arriving in Israel only their meager possessions, desperate to find hope. They struggle to find shelter, jobs and put food on the table, searching for anyone who is willing to help them through their trouble.

There have been many occasions when we were asked by these precious people: “We heard Christians truly help people. Do you think they can help us?”— that simple question makes the words of Jesus resonates deeply in our spirits: “They will know you by your love.”

This month we will be helping over 1200 families through our humanitarian distribution center in Ashdod, as well as hundreds more through our local congregations in Ashkelon, Ramle, Rishon Le-Zion, Eilat, Be’er Sheva among others. We reach a good part of Israel, though the needs are great, our God, is greater! He has a vast army at His disposal, one of which YOU are a part of. The Lord promises that if we bless His people, in turn, we will be blessed. 

If you were looking for a way to support the return of Jewish people to the land of Israel according to God’s promise in Ezekiel 36:24, this is the best way to do so; by helping them find their footing in their initial season in the land. It is the help that comes in a time of need that leaves the deepest and most lasting imprint in a person’s heart. 

Please support our humanitarian efforts and projects among Olim — the returning Jews to Israel. 

God promised He would bring back the Jewish people from the four corners of the earth, we are a living testament to His faithfulness. Now we have the responsibility to help those that come after us and make Israel their home.