“Therefore go and make disciples…”
The core mission of every believer

When we brought together over 900 people for an impacting evangelism outreach event during the Shavuot feast, we gave hundreds of Israelis the opportunity to hear the gospel for the first time in their lives. The response was overwhelming; during the altar call over 90% of the people stood up to pray and receive prayer.

God is moving mightily in the Land

However, evangelism work doesn’t end when the preacher finishes his sermon, rather the work merely begins there, which is why our follow-up work is so important after evangelism events. Our post evangelism Discipleship Course has been giving people the opportunity to encounter God, and connect with Him deeper and more powerfully during our weekly meetings of bible study where we guide them through scriptures, teaching them the foundations of our faith, how to experience a true encounter with Yeshua once you’ve given Him your heart, and build a strong fellowship with Him. This Discipleship Course is part of our post-evangelism follow-up work and is focused on the newly saved, as well as Seekers. We try to make each weekly meeting a special one, with some food and coffee, in order to create a warm atmosphere where people will be able to feel at home, open their hearts and truly meet God.

Please pray for this important weekly Discipleship Course taking place these days. Pray for open ears and hearts, and for God’s anointing on our leaders and teachers.