TIME OF WAR — Ukraine Alert!

Time of war - Ukraine Alert

As we sit to write you this update, the unthinkable is happening in the very heart of Europe, on Ukrainian soil. This mass-scale war is absolutely horrific, with every part of Ukraine brutally invaded and attacked.

It’s one thing to read about a war going on thousands of miles away, but it’s very different when it’s a place where many of us have been born, raised, where we have families, relatives, friends, communities, beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, many of whom have become refugees, with others either fighting or seeking shelter from the ongoing shelling in the middle of harsh Eastern European winter.

The situation is indescribably difficult.

It is also a very emotionally charged situation for so many of us here at Beit Hallel congregation, watching and receiving updates on the horrors taking place where most of the people have left friends and family behind.

This past Friday, during our weekly service, when I asked everybody who has loved ones in Ukraine to come forward for prayer, over 70% of our congregation stood up! That is how closely knit our relationship is with Ukraine specifically. For so many of us, it is the place we were born and raised in. For others, it is where their loved ones still live.

We know full well that nothing that is happening in the world is a surprise to God. Yeshua told us that certain things will come and will take place, that we should take it as a sign of the times we’re in.

When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

Mark 13:7

We also know that the most influential and powerful weapon we have as believers is prayer. God has called us to be guardians and watchmen on the walls of His cities, to stay vigil and be aware of things that many might miss, so we can intercede and stand in the gap wearing the full armor of God.

There are too many Ukrainian Jews currently trying to get out and make urgent Aliyah to Israel, which at this point is logistically impossible, despite the fact that Israel has been expediting the immigration procedures for Ukrainian Jews who are trying to get out.

Aside from making preparations for the unprecedented influx of Ukrainian Jewish refugees, we will be receiving in Israel in the upcoming season which will require a lot of resources, we are also working very closely with amazing friends in Ukraine who are helping the Jewish community with humanitarian relief.

We need your help! If you were looking for a way to help and be involved somehow, consider sending your donations, marking them “for Ukraine”.

Time is very crucial, the war continues and we need to send all the possible help we can to the people that are currently at the forefront of a war that ultimately affects us all globally.

Please pray for Ukraine, for the protection of millions and millions of innocent civilians that are currently subject to ongoing bombings and military strikes. They do not have bomb shelters, many are forced to seek shelter in the subway or cold basements with small children in the middle of winter.

Pray for people’s salvation through it all, that in these desperate, most horrific and trying times, people will find Jesus as their only hope and salvation.

Pray for God’s hand over Ukraine as it is facing its darkest moments, that God’s grace and mercy will cover this nation that has such a great big amount of devoted believers of Yeshua. May His glory shine the brightest through this dark moment.