Time to Return

Time to Return

Giving up was not an Option

When Natalia and her family made the decision to make Aliyah to Israel, they didn’t realize just how difficult the journey and transition were going to be. It was going to require divine intervention to get them through the challenges they were going to face.

Almost one year ago, Natalia and her husband Alex decided to give up their homes and lives in Russia to return to their homeland of Israel. Alex had a PhD in Science and taught at a prestigious university in Moscow where Natalya was also a teacher. Even though their lives were stable, they could see that the state of the country around them was not and knew that the time was right to begin the move.

Even with their extensive education and background, the family’s new life soon became difficult. They did not realize the language barrier would create a hindrance to finding work in their respective fields. Refusing to give up, they both set out to learn the Hebrew language as quickly as possible. In the meantime, they needed to find ways to make ends meet and put food on the table. Beit Hallel was a name they heard from others as a place they could find help in their time of need.

Natalia and her husband contacted our team, explaining the roadblocks and issues they were dealing with in their recent move. We were happy that they found us! We invited them to attend some of our projects and evangelistic outreaches. They were so touched and affected by what they saw and experienced, they decided to become regular volunteers at Beit Hallel.

Recently, Natalia and Alex came to visit us at our distribution warehouse. Feeling discouraged, they asked if they could spend some time with our team, hoping to find some encouragement that could boost their spirits. Life in Israel was proving to be more challenging than they expected, but they had been hearing our messages of hope in Yeshua and realized they needed God to help make sense of their lives and to move forward.

As we sat with them, we each gave our individual testimonies and how we had come to salvation in Yeshua. We explained in depth what it meant to be born-again and what a life of faith looked like. Natalia and Alex admitted that often in difficult times, they would think about God and wonder if He was able to help them in any way.

We continued sharing what is written in the Bible about sin and righteousness. How Adam once made his choice in favor of sin, so now each of us has a free choice to be reconciled with God through the sacrifice of Yeshua.

Natalie and Alex sat and listened attentively. At one point, they told us they could, “feel the presence of God, and a hunger was being awoken inside to know more about Yeshua and the way unto salvation.”

After we had finished ministering to the couple, they both sat in silence, contemplating all they had heard. We were unsure how they received the message and were readying ourselves to leave when they both looked at us and declared that they were ready to receive Yeshua as their Lord and Savior.

We led the couple in the prayer of salvation, after which they both just radiated peace and happiness. Natalia and Alex had been born again and had become citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem. Their lives would never be the same again, and the Lord would now be the one to lead them beside still waters. Hallelujah!