Transformative Power of Prayer Out of Zion

21 Days of Prayer

Prayer is a major part of our life as believers, as well as the congregation. We believe that there’s no greater power than when followers of Yeshua come together and pray together in His name. That’s when miracles start happening.

This is why we were inspired to do 21-Days of Prayer, which we started two weeks ago. As we enter into our last week of Prayer Marathon, we feel compelled to stand together in prayer, as Israeli believers for our dear international friends like you.

As a congregation, we meet every day and engage in powerful intercessory prayer for Israel, as well as the nations. It has really encouraged, inspired, recharged, and ignited us to stand in the gap for our nation. There’s a definite shift that is felt in the spirit once you start actively seeking God’s face in prayer.

This last week we will focus our prayers on the nations, so we invite you to join us and send us your prayer requests, which the Israeli team will lift up collectively and seek God’s blessing over your life, your family, church, and the nation.

We believe in the real transformative power of prayer!

Watch this special message and prayer from Pastor Israel and his team for you!