Trying Times Require Increased Efforts
Clothing Jewish Olim

The incoming wave of Aliyah from both Ukraine and Russia has not let up and it has been an ongoing work trying to help as many families as we can, providing them with crucial basic essentials: whether it’s food baskets, clothing items, blankets, kitchen supplies, beds, mattresses, furniture, baby items, medical equipment, etc.

We have been receiving dozens of new families every week, many of whom arrive with whatever clothes they were able to pack in their backpacks. Our Clothing Distribution Center has truly been a storehouse of blessing to many families who have been clothed through this impactful humanitarian project.

The logistics of running this project and distribution center are intense and our team is working tirelessly to not only help people practically but also serve as a source of comfort to those in need and come to us for help.

We need your help to keep our Clothing Distribution Center going, providing clothes to families and children in need.

Your donation of $50 will help support the ongoing work of our Clothing Distribution Center and bless Jewish families that arrive in Israel with as little as the belongings they carry in their backpacks.

You would be helping people like Alena (photo), who fled the war with her two children carrying nothing more than the clothes on their backs and the hope that someday, they will be reunited with their father, who had to stay behind.

Please support our efforts in providing for Jewish Olim in Israel who depend on our kindness in these trying times. Together, we make a difference!