Uniting the Body
True coexistence between Jews and Arabs

Report from Pastoral Retreat in the Galilee

God is moving in a special way in the Galilee area these days, which is why it is the perfect backdrop for our annual gathering of Jewish and Arab pastors and our families. This is where we get to serve one another, pray together and for one another and worship Yeshua in both Hebrew and Arabic. As a Jewish pastor, when I have the chance to share the word of God with fellow Arab pastors and leaders, while in return also receiving the Word from them, listening to their insight, what their hearts are filled with, what the Holy Spirit is revealing through them — it is amazingly powerful! We really experienced the glory of God, joy, love, and a supernatural shalom (peace) between us. It’s an absolute joy for us to be together, witnessing that when we come together and serve one another as one — Jew and Arab in the Land, in the very heart of biblical Israel, God is pouring a very special anointing and blessing on that unity. We sent an entire team from Beit Hallel, including my son Sason, who is our youth pastor to minister to Arab and Jewish youth, our Kids ministry teachers, who were a blessing to the kids, and my youngest son Guy, who was in charge of the translation — it was an amazing BH teamwork whose purpose was to be a blessing to such a unique gathering of both Jews and Arabs. True coexistence starts here, with reconciliation and powerful unity between local Israeli leaders — both Jewish and Arab pastors, working side to side to bring salvation and the Kingdom of God to Israel. Watch pastor Israel’s talk with pastor Saleem, an Arab pastor from Nazareth.
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