Vita’s journey to faith

We have known Vita for several years. She had come a long way as a new Jewish immigrant trying to adapt to life in Israel and find her place in this land. For many years before making “aliyah” to Israel, Vita traveled around India and Tibet, visiting some of the most famous teachers of Hinduism in looking for answers to her questions and searching for the meaning of life. Many years passed, and she was not closer to finding the truth, only disappointment. 

When she arrived in Israel, she came to Beit Hallel for help as a new immigrant. We welcomed Vita and invited her to attend our various events. Initially, she was very cautious about everything. Then she dove in, attending several evangelization events, taking the Aleph course twice, joining a home group, and coming to our women’s meetings. We were very excited for her! 

Then, Vita disappeared. We continued reaching out to her, but it was only in the last six months that Vita began responding to our calls again. She returned to her home group and started attending Shabbat meetings again.

She had many challenges and questions in the interim, and she admits
that her critical thinking interfered with her journey of faith in God. But now she was ready to receive Jesus and to follow Him wholeheartedly. How exciting to see the seed planted years ago finally take root in her heart. Hallelujah!