War in Israel: Day 5

A Helping Hand to Our Soldiers and Families Under Fire

The people of Israel are reeling from the brutal and horrific acts committed by the Hamas terrorists from Gaza against Israelis in the south, and our help as believers is now more needed than ever. Thousands of Israelis are injured and displaced due to the war and are in need of vital humanitarian aid to continue their day-to-day living. 

Our humanitarian action teams are mobilizing to make a difference and to distribute food baskets to Israeli families in need, as well as much-needed daily products to soldiers who are fighting for the nation of Israel. Under the current circumstances with missiles raining down, and terrorists on the roam, families are hunkering down in bunkers and behind closed doors, and cannot reach our distribution centre to collect goods, and therefore we have to go to them.

We are aiming for an initial distribution run of 300 food baskets and care hampers to Israeli families, with a further expansion of the project to follow. These baskets cost us $30 each to assemble and contain more than 20 different types of non-perishable and nutritious food staples. The humanitarian aid that we deliver to army bases for our soldiers contains toiletries, snacks, beverages and other essentials. Your help in this endeavor is crucial, as it will make an immediate and definite impact on Israelis under fire. 

Please visit our donate page at https://vojisrael.org/donate/ to stand with Israel in time of war. Thank you so much for your love and care. May God bless you for blessing Israel.