War in Israel: Day 7

Now is the Time to Stand alongside Israel!

While Israel is dealing with the aftermath of the biggest terror attack and slaughter of its civilians in modern history, the numbers keep rising and the atrocities committed are being revealed. 

With 1,200 Israelis murdered in one day, this is the largest number of Jews murdered in a day since the Holocaust. 

If we speak of proportions, considering Israel’s population of only 9 million, according to the US Secretary of State, what happened in Israel is equivalent to ten incidents of the 9/11 event.

The magnitude of what happened in Israel cannot be exaggerated. It is truly the biggest tragedy Israel has ever faced since it was established in 1948.

Which is why we need all the help we can get! 

So far Israel has recruited over 300,000 soldiers, including reserves. All our troops are on the frontline, some have left their wives and kids and showed up to defend their nation. Everyone is focused and engaged in battle, and while they are taking care of us, our job is to take care of them. 

As you’re reading this, we’re sending out teams of volunteers to military bases and posts to supply all their basic needs; food, personal gear, hygiene products, thermal wear, etc. 

We’re also heading out to visit children who are now locked at home, often with just their mother, while the father is in the army fighting. They can’t go out and buy groceries, because the sirens are going off nonstop, and rockets are still being fired at our cities. 

The need is immediate. We need to bring the kids not only basic food but things that will cheer them up as they are going through what no child should ever face. 

Your heart for Israel, your faithful friendship and your unwavering support are what is enabling us to do this for the people of Israel who currently need your help more than ever. 

Give today to help us support our soldiers on the frontline, as well as their families and children who need us to help them while their fathers are defending this nation.

Thank you and God bless!