Women’s Conference

Women’s Conference

Colors of a Woman’s Soul

Women are the backbone of the family. Their days are dedicated to caring for everyone’s needs, but they rarely take time for themselves. It’s easy to feel burnt out or discouraged by their day-to-day lives filled with activities and responsibilities. They need time to refresh!

Beit Hallel’s Annual Women’s Conference provides just that. A dedicated time for them to draw together in support and encouragement of one another. Building each other up in faith and strength through scripture-based love. This year we are focusing on inspiring Israeli women and helping them discover who they are in Christ. They will be shown the Biblical variety of different colors, shades, and facets of a woman’s soul and learn how each is creatively placed there by God to fulfill her unique purpose and calling.

This is the only women’s conference of its kind in our region in Israel. They will be coming from all over the country to attend this empowering event. Of the hundreds attending, we expect over 50 percent will be non-believers. We want to help these ladies who have not yet met Jesus to encounter a life-changing moment with their Savior. Each will get a chance to be immersed in the Word of God that will touch, heal and transform their lives with the love of Christ.

We are praying the Holy Spirit will touch every woman present and create an atmosphere for receiving and transformation, as well as bring breakthroughs and salvation to those who will come seeking answers. Our team is beyond excited as they finish the final preparations to begin this event that is sure to see a powerful move of God!

Please consider supporting this conference and the precious ladies who will be impacted. We are still $1,200 short of the budget needed for this event. Whatever you sow, whether great or small, it will be a great blessing to these women and the nation of Israel.

Thank you and God bless!