Your God-given dream

Your God-given dream

for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose.

Philippians 2:13

The Hebrew translation of the phrase “His good pleasure” is written as “Tov Be Aynav” which literally means “Good in His eyes”. The Hebrew word “Tov” means “Good,” and the word “Ayn” means “eye.”

I had so many questions when God called me to move from Tel Aviv to Ashdod to plant a congregation. God’s call had challenged me on so many levels and my circumstances weren’t exactly ideal for such a move. I needed God’s direction, His touch, and His comfort. As a result I would often take time and drive out to Herzl House and the Hula Forest to seek God in prayer regarding the call He had given me of establishing a congregation in Ashdod. I would spend the entire the day, from morning till evening, in the presence of the Lord, seeking His face. And then one day God spoke to me and confirmed the call He had placed on my life.

The Lord followed it up with many more dreams and visions, encouraging me and strengthening my resolve. I would sometimes cry out to Him, “Lord, I will obey, and where you lead me I will go, but why me Lord?

Am I really able to do what you’ve called me to?” The Lord is good and patient, and He would softly and gently speak to my heart, encouraging me and affirming the call in my heart. All He needed was for me to step out in faith. Years later I’m standing in the same place, and I can testify to God’s faithfulness, and that everything He had promised me had come to pass.

Do you have dreams that God has planted in your heart? These are God-given visions of your destiny in Him. Sometimes God speak to us audibly, or to our hearts and our innermost being. Is it important which method He uses to talk to you? No. But what matters is that He is speaking to you, reminding you of your beautiful future in Jesus. We need to hold on tight to the visions that God has given us. Decide today that you will not let go and that you will not lose heart, despite all the pressures of life. Continue in faith and stand on His word, and you too will see His word coming to pass in your life.


Adonai, Lord, I pray that you would bless me and keep me. Pour your Spirit over me afresh. Lord, help me to keep dreaming, and not to give up on the vision you have placed in my heart. Strengthen me to follow my God-given dream boldly and fearlessly, and I thank you that I will see it come to pass. I pray this in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name. Amen