We live in challenging times. Covid has imposed a new reality on us all, forcing us to adjust, adapt and change the way we operate, the way we do church and outreach, and even the way we minister to people.

We are now holding our meetings and services in our old congregation as we were forced to reduce to up to 50 people due to renewed covid restrictions. This does however mean that our new building has been packed full with blessings!

God has been sending us blessings from all over the world, our “barns” literally overflow with donated goods that will be distributed to families, blessing them in their time of need.

I wanted to share with you a video showing you how this building is currently used to not only be a huge blessing to thousands of people in need, but also a source of blessing, a place of outreach, and we’re just grateful for how God has been using it for His glory.

When we prayed and said: “Lord, we want to be a blessing to people, use this place for your glory! We want to show people Your love in tangible ways.” God definitely heard and answered in a powerful way: we’ve been receiving container after container filled with goods that will provide so many families with much-needed essentials.

Other congregations have also been blessed through this work since we have been able to distribute large containers to fellow congregations.

Walk with me through this building and see what you have also been a part of through your prayers and generous support!

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to keep this crucial work going!