Restoring Dignity at Passover

Restoring Dignity at Passover

Passover is a special holiday with families gathering around a dinner table to celebrate God’s deliverance. 

However, what about the families that don’t have the means for a family dinner? We cannot pass over them! 

Many of these families have recently immigrated from Ukraine and Russian war zones. Last week alone 47 new families arrived in Ashdod and Ashkelon seeking our help through our humanitarian aid projects. 

These are the families we will be aiding this Passover season, the ones who will be celebrating their very first Passover in the land and are struggling to even put food on the table. 

You can change that! Through a gift of $30, you can help feed one family this Passover. Imagine the joy that family will feel when receiving a food packet you helped provide! This is the time to honor God by restoring dignity to those in need.