A Heart of Stone to a Heart of Flesh

A Heart of Stone to a Heart of Flesh

Lena had been feeling the call of God to return to her ancient homeland, aligning with the prophecies she had heard about in the Torah (the Old Testament). She felt now was the time to follow her heart and move to Israel since the situation in Ukraine had also become unbearable due to the war.

The transition to her new life was often overwhelming for Lena. Learning the language and adapting to the culture was extremely challenging, and she struggled emotionally to cope with her new circumstances. 

Thankfully, Lena had friends in Israel, particularly in Ashdod, where our Beit Hallel Congregation is located. Her friends encouraged her to join them for a Shabbat service at Beit Hallel. Lena accepted their invitation and agreed to meet them at the next service.

The following Shabbat, Lena attended her first service at our church. 

She thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and afterward testified that she felt God’s overwhelming love during worship and preaching. 

Following the service, some of our prayer team met with Lena. She had many questions about faith in Yeshua. She knew that she needed a new beginning and that God was calling her home. Our team answered Lena’s questions, shared their personal testimonies, and elaborated on what salvation in Yeshua looks like. We explained to her that the first step is to repent, turn away from our old lives, and turn to Yeshua, accepting His free gift of salvation that He won for us on the cross.

We then invited Lena to pray the prayer of salvation with us, to which she gladly agreed. Tears of relief and peace flowed down Lena’s face as we prayed. As she said, “Amen,” we could see that Lena had undergone a profound change, peace had come over her, and she looked renewed. 

After the prayer, as we rejoiced with Lena, she proclaimed that she felt like a stone had fallen from her soul, and her whole being felt filled with light. We then presented Lena with her very first Bible, with instructions on how to meet daily with the Lord through quiet time in the Word.

Lena has been growing daily in the Lord and has developed a passion for the things of God. It is such a blessing to see Lena at our church services and witness the new person she has become in Yeshua. 

Hallelujah! All glory to Jesus!