A Ripple Effect

A Ripple Effect

Encountering New Life

Mothers have a God-given instinct to take care of their children. Vika is no exception. Her 6-year-old son Alex is the joy of her life. As a single parent, it is hard to get by in Israel so Vika searched for any additional help she could find. She applied for help at several organizations, but there was something different about VOJI/Beit Hallel Congregation. She loved the way the teams served with such joy, blessing all those in need. 

Discipleship is at the heart of our ministry. We do that through evangelism campaigns that are combined tours of the holy sites. Vika accepted our invitation to join us for our ministry campaign in Jerusalem. While on the tour, she had the opportunity to walk where Yeshua walked with His disciples. This really opened her eyes to the fact that Yeshua and His disciples were Jewish, like herself.

Afterwards, the group gathered in an auditorium to hear the Gospel Message. As Vika listened, the Holy Spirit began stirring her heart – creating an overwhelming desire to know God, wanting a deeper relationship with Him. It suddenly became clear to her that her eternity was at stake, and she knew time was of the essence. Immediately following the event, she spoke with our team members, expressing a desperate need to know God on a personal level.

The next day, Yoni and Sarit, members of our discipleship team, visited Vika at her apartment. They sat down with her for some tea, sharing their personal testimonies along with the steps that were necessary to receive Yeshua as her Savior. Vika confessed that she knew she needed God to take control of her life. She was ready to receive Him as her Lord and Savior!

The presence of the Lord could be felt as Yoni and Sarit led her in the prayer of salvation. Tears began to stream down her face as she earnestly repented her sins, inviting the Lord to come into her life. As Yoni and Sarit looked up, they witnessed a peaceful tranquility flood Vika’s face. They knew at that moment she had received God’s grace. Vika had been born again! 

After presenting her with a new Bible, the couple shared guidance on how to study her Bible along with several key scriptures to memorize and confess over her life daily. They explained the importance of equipping herself with God’s Word to combat satan’s attacks on her mind. Armed with this knowledge, Vika told us that she now felt a new sense of boldness that she had never felt before.  

Vika has since become a member of our congregation, attending our Shabbat services and has joined a home group. She told us she now has newfound clarity with purpose. She now knows that God is in control. He will take care of her and her son Alex. We keep Vika in our prayers, meeting with her often to encourage her on her journey with Yeshua. Amen!

Thank you for your partnership! Your prayers and support make it possible for us to reach people like Vika’s with the Good News of her Savior. Please continue to pray for God’s provision to make more campaigns available to spread the Gospel of Yeshua to the lost sheep of Israel. God bless!