A Special Word from Pastor Israel on the Mount of Olives – Part 1

When we think about the Mount of Olives, the first thing that comes to mind is the story of Abraham and Isaac, when he came before God willing to sacrifice his son. We know it happened in Jerusalem, maybe even on Mt. Olives. The next story is about King David, when he came to conquer Jerusalem, it is said he went up on a mountain that was probably Mt. Olives because it had a great lookout point to observe the whole city and the fortifications that the Jebusites had in place. King David and Jesus have something in common; they both wept over Jerusalem on Mt Olives. There are a lot of similarities and prophetic messages. We can’t forget the fact that King Solomon built an additional Temple for God right on Mt. Olives. The prophets spoke numerous times about the prophetic future of Mt. Olives and Jerusalem, and the glorious changes that will take place in the topography of this place. The most important presence was that of Jesus and His disciples who spent quite a lot of time on Mt. Olives. Jesus cried here, He prayed here, and spent time with His disciples. Join pastor Israel as he and his son Guy take you on a prophetic journey through the breathtakingly scenic Mt. Olives, its meaning, significance, prophetic future, and what it will mean for Israel and the nations as God’s promises unfold, as well as the lessons we can learn for our daily life from the events that took place on this holy mountain.