Abandoned Fear

Abandoned Fear

Hunger Awakened

Irina’s Testimony

They had left behind their entire lives and embarked on one of the most courageous journeys of their lives; making Aliyah to Israel. Feeling lost and overwhelmed by their new circumstances, they were searching for love and support with others who were experiencing the same difficulties. We knew we had to find a way to connect these women and introduce them to the love and mercy of Christ.

As we prepared for our annual women’s conference, Colors of a Woman’s Soul, we knew it had the potential to be an amazing event, but we were surprised at how much more it turned out to be. It became a life-changing experience where women had an opportunity to encounter the Lord in a new and intimate way. Irina was one of those touched and forever changed by the Holy Spirit’s presence that night.

Irina is a recent immigrant from Ukraine and no stranger to our evangelism campaigns. In fact, she’s attended a few of them but had always refused to open herself to any conversations concerning Jesus or her salvation. However, the Lord never gives up. He will keep pursuing and wooing us, waiting for that door to open to allow Him to enter.

On the day of the conference, one of our team members just happened to run into Irina while walking on the beach and invited her to attend the event. She graciously accepted and, by doing so, stepped through a door that would change her life.

All God needed to move in her was just this one simple YES!

Over 200 women from across the nation gathered at this event seeking the Lord with real hunger and allowing all their beautiful colors to shine through. The atmosphere became highly charged as they praised and worshiped the Lord. It was not long before the presence of the Holy Spirit saturated the room and Irina began to feel something she had never experienced before. Peace!

Depression was something Irina had struggled with daily, but during the conference, it felt as though it was lifted and taken away from her. She said she also lost her sense of fear and now wants to know the Lord deeper. 

The conference had such a tremendous impact on Irina that she didn’t want to go home at the end; she felt so good and at peace. In her words, “I felt something was keeping me there, I just felt loved, and I wanted to stay where I felt loved.” 

Talk about a 180° change! She now has a new hunger and desire to learn more about Jesus and couldn’t wait to know more. The Lord is faithful to see His work to completion!

This is just a small glimpse into how impactful these conferences are and how important they are for people in Israel who are seeking God (or even resisting Him!).  These events are divine opportunities to encounter the Lord and experience a life-changing transformation. 

Thanks to your support of our evangelism outreach campaigns, women’s ministry, and discipleship programs, we are able to reach so many people with the gospel and provide them with the opportunity to meet Jesus right where they are.

We are only effective because of YOU!