An Orthodox Jewish Family Story

Our congregation conducted an outreach picnic in the forests around Jerusalem this fall and invited several families to attend. Among them was a family of orthodox Jews with whom we had been sharing the Gospel and had been investing our time to meet with regularly to spend time in fellowship.

During the picnic, the wife came to us in tears, sharing that she had recently been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor and needed an urgent operation to remove it. She was afraid and worried about the future and her family. We shared from the Word of God that Jesus is our Healer and that He is ready to act in our lives and to hear our prayers if we approach Him in faith. Our team then gathered around, laying hands on her as they prayed for complete healing and physical restoration in Jesus’ name. 

A week later, she called us, rejoicing that her surgery had been canceled! The specialists had checked her and agreed that she had made a miraculous recovery and no longer needed an operation! She then confessed she wasn’t sure whether it was a mistake in diagnosis or to believe Jesus had healed her. We assured her that this is what Jesus does when we seek Him in faith. He heals, delivers, and restores. Our response should be to thank Him and praise Him for all that He does in our lives. She agreed with what we were telling her but said that she still had much to think about as she had never experienced this peace and love from God before. 

We are praying that she will agree to receive Jesus into her heart and accept Him as her Lord and Savior very soon. Please continue to pray for our team’s success as we try to reach these lost sheep in Israel with the Good News of their Messiah.