Anointed Creativity delivers the Message – Purim Update

Purim is not only a biblical feast but also God’s love letter to His people. It is His way of having the last say in the battle between good and evil.

When we first were approached by the Ashdod municipality requesting our drama club at Beit Hallel put on a theatrical production of Esther for Purim, we knew it was a divine opportunity to carry God’s message to a bigger audience. We were even more excited when we were told that it would be open to the general public. What a vote of confidence to have Ashdod city hall entrust Beit Hallel with such an honorable task!

We’re blessed here at Beit Hallel with an incredibly talented and creative young generation that put together an outstanding performance that wasn’t just wonderful creatively speaking, but it had God’s anointing all over it. The performance left no one out of the 400 people in attendance indifferent to what God has done for His people when He delivered them from evil and commanded us to celebrate Purim to honor that victory.

The testimonies we heard after the performance were amazing and a true indicator of how anointed it was. Many testified they had never understood the meaning of Purim until now. Then, others were in tears because it touched them deeply to learn of God’s commitment to His people throughout history. There were even some mothers who came to us asking how they can “sign up” their kids to our drama club at Beit Hallel, because what our young kids did on that stage was truly inspiring.

Our Purim wouldn’t be complete without blessing the children with packages, as we had also planned. Thanks to your generosity and kindness we were able to bless many kids with very special gift packages for Purim.  The smiles on their faces was worth more than we will ever know. We’re grateful for you and your support of this vision!