Ashkelon’s Congregation Expanding!

Ashkelon is one of the oldest cities in Israel. This city is steeped in biblical history dating back over 4,000 years. The oldest city gates in the world were discovered in Ashkelon and have remained standing throughout history rather than being destroyed or buried. It is likely Abraham passed through these gates during his time of wandering.

These days, Ashkelon is a thriving and growing coastal city that draws many young families because of its affordable housing and proximity to Gaza. In the last decade, Ashkelon has seen a population growth of over 25%, and it will continue to rise as we see a mass influx of Jews making Aliyah and settling in here.

We praise the Lord for the many new arriving repatriates. As we have applied what has been successful in Ashdod and applied it to the congregation in Ashkelon, there are more and more being ministered to here. And we have seen that they are unbelievably open to the gospel. 

Recently, Pastor Israel Pochtar was deeply touched when meeting with a key city official from Ashkelon. The official told him to communicate to other Christians they are welcome in Ashkelon and the city would receive them with open arms when they visit. The doors to the city would always be open to Christians who love Israel. Words from an Israeli official like this aren’t common, and we don’t take them for granted.  

Unfortunately, Ashkelon’s proximity to Gaza causes it to be a constant target of rockets. Over 300 missiles were fired at Ashkelon in one day in the last operation alone. With never knowing when or where these missiles will fall, the only way we can host services where the congregation will be safe is to secure a bomb-shelter-style facility. 

Along with the rapid growth, we are in immediate need of a larger church facility to host regular weekly services and have space for children’s ministry, as well as a place to grow the congregation that welcomes new members coming weekly.

Praise the Lord! We found the perfect place, with a relatively affordable rent by Israel’s standards — $2,500 monthly. We need your help for the expansion of our Ashkelon congregation. Will you join us to provide a safe environment to share the love of Yeshua?

Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples and expand His Kingdom. The harvest is ripe in Ashkelon and we need your support to welcome more souls here. Please consider supporting this amazing work of God!