Believers Compassion

Believers Compassion

You Made the Difference!

“As a Jewish person, I had never been made aware of the love of true believers for the nation of Israel. It is a revelation that brought me to tears.” 

– Larissa

Our humanitarian work through the Beit Hallel Congregation is a critical aspect of all that we do here in the land of Israel. As more than 20% of the nation lives below the poverty line, our work is clearly cut out for us. Nowhere are the hands and feet of Yeshua more urgently needed than in the many refugee communities that have recently sprung up in our region. Most times, these Olim (immigrants) arrive with next to nothing, only a few suitcases and the very little money they could scrape together to make the journey.

Larissa is one of the new immigrants who recently made Aliyah from Russia with her husband, Vitaly, and their three young children, Dima, Alex, and Luda, due to the deteriorating circumstances in Moscow. As they planned to make the journey to their new home, they were fortunate to hear about Beit Hallel and the humanitarian work that we’ve been doing in Israel. Imagine that! News of our work had traveled all the way back to Moscow, giving hope to the Jewish people that there were people in Israel who would welcome them in the land and help them get settled.

Not long after arriving in Ashdod, Larissa reached out to our humanitarian center, hoping to find practical help in their time of need. Our team members, Slava and Miri, met with them to learn more about their circumstances. They shared with Larissa that as Believers, Beit Hallel ministry is compelled by the love of God to be a blessing to the Jewish people arriving in Israel. It is our joy to come alongside our new friends to help them navigate the difficulties of integrating.

Larissa began to open up about the conditions she and her family were living under. Our team was saddened to learn that she, along with her entire family, had been sleeping on the floor. There were no beds or any furniture in their living space. Larissa also mentioned the dire need for clothing and household products. Our workers made careful notes of all the needs Larissa mentioned, assuring her that everything would be ok. They encouraged her with stories of others who had come to us for help and how we were able to help them get back on their feet. It lifted Larissa’s tremendously to know that others have walked the same path and that they are doing well now.

Larissa stopped to express her puzzlement at how we received all the resources needed to help so many people. We shared the touching story of how Christians from all over the world have partnered with us. They are the ones standing beside us to see God’s people blessed and cared for. This caught her completely off guard. She had never heard of these “believers” who cared about the Jewish people.

When our team arrived at Larissa’s apartment later that day, they were met by her and her husband, Vitaly. The couple were in shock over the efficiency of our team, as well as the generosity. The truck had arrived full of beds, mattresses, and the needed household products. They were then told the entire family would have complete access to our storehouse to collect brand-new clothing and shoes, free of charge. We also invited them to visit our regular food distribution events where they would receive monthly bags of groceries that would help them until they were established. Vitaly and Larissa couldn’t stop thanking us! They were deeply touched by our sincere love and compassion. We assured them that they would not be alone in their journey.

It was humbling for our humanitarian team at Beit Hallel to see yet another family’s life changed through the love and generosity of our friends and partners from all over the world. You are the ones who enable us to be a blessing to new Jewish immigrants and invest in the prophetic Aliyah that is taking place right in front of our eyes, as God is bringing the Jewish people back to Israel.

Thank you for partnering with Voice of Judah Israel to support the Beit Hallel Congregation and blessing those in need! You are the vessel that allows the Jewish people to see our love for them. Pray that we continue to positively affect lives for the Glory of God. We still need your help! God is calling His people home from the lands of the north as prophesied in Bible. Ten new Olim come to our congregation EACH DAY seeking assistance. Be of God’s great plan to rescue and restore His people to the land He has chosen for them. As you bless them, you will be blessing the Lord.