Blessing Ethiopian Jewish Families and Kids for the new School Year

You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God

2 Corinthians 9:11

When you think about a project that provides children with school supplies & backpacks, one might be tempted to consider it not as impacting as an evangelism outreach.

However, what we saw a few days ago was that our “Back to School” project was an amazing example of the far reach of God’s Love.

Through projects like this, that are geared toward helping fulfill a very specific need, we get to see the exhilarated and excited faces of the children as well as their parents’ tears of gratitude, knowing someone cared enough to provide in such a specific and remarkable way, even beyond what they could ever imagine. Only in moments like this can we actually gauge the depth and impact of projects like “Back to School.”

One of the people we were able to help was a single mother who lived far below the poverty line. She could barely make ends meet and depended on the kindness of others just to survive each day. Receiving your gift of an incredible “Back to School Kit” for her child was a true blessing. She was brought to tears at the kindness and generosity of strangers, and absolutely touched by the love of God. She knew He was the driving force behind this project and that God’s love had manifested through the kindness of His children that generously gave to support families like hers.

Most Ethiopian Jewish Olim struggle immensely when they first arrive in Israel. Many are living below the poverty line while adapting to a new country, language, and reality, all while processing the horrors of war they fled from back in Ethiopia. There are so many remarkable and heart-wrenching stories behind the faces you see in photos. There are the lives, dreams, and hopes of Jewish people that are still returning to their ancient homeland after 2000 years of diaspora.

It was quite a humbling experience to see the faces and hear the sincere gratitude of the parents whose children received a kit. While many parents were able to take their children on fun summer vacations, these people had been just getting by, spending just the bare minimum in order to save up for the impending cost of school at the end of August. Receiving this gift of backpacks, supplies, and textbook vouchers was an answer to their prayers.

Projects like these are the means, but the impact is in the humble and tearful gratitude they produce, which opens the door of people’s hearts to God as few other things can.

For that, we rejoice and are thankful to partner with you in making this amazing difference!

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