Building is a Marathon, not a Sprint – Church Building Update

Anyone who has ever built anything or done renovations knows how long and tedious the process can be. You need to be prepared for a marathon, not a sprint. 

This is what our church building is for us — an ongoing marathon that has a finish line. One that your amazingly generous support is helping us reach and cross very soon.

It’s always exciting to share our church renovation news with you to show what progress has already been accomplished, thanks to your support, and share what projects are coming up for which we are standing in faith.

In this video, Pastor Israel personally takes you through our building to show you what you have helped achieve so far. 

Our new goal is to utilize some of the space in the building for upcoming projects and events next month, while we continue the renovations. In order to move forward with this goal, we urgently need to purchase 400 chairs at $50 p/chair. 

Would you consider sowing into a place of worship we are raising up in Ashdod? This building has been God’s vision and project for many years, requiring a lot of resources, patience, and above all: FAITH. 

At the end of this race, all glory will be His as a new church building will stand in the heart of Ashdod in biblical Judea, where Yeshua will be worshipped by Jewish believers and Christians from the nations. 

This will be your legacy as well! Every nail and every brick will testify to your part in building this ‘House of Praise’ – Beit Hallel.