Celebrating Sisterhood

Celebrating Sisterhood

Women were created to be relational with each other. The fellowship women experience when gathered and seeking the Lord becomes sacred and also increases their faith in God.

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 1:9, “You were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord” which means both the relationship each of us has with Jesus, and the connection we have in our relationships with one another.

During these High Holy days, we are organizing a special women’s outreach, to bring together both believers and non-believers. We hope to create an atmosphere of sisterhood that will reach and touch the hearts of those who seek the Lord and draw closer those who have already found Him. It’s going to be a very special meeting and we’re looking forward to how God is going to move. 

This is an uplifting time to support women. The encouragement they receive help nurture their relationship with each other, their families. and their work relations.

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”

Proverbs 27:9

The ladies will leave with a renewed sense of purpose and realize their value, not only of themselves, but to others around them. Each lady is a light in their community. The Lord is calling each one to go out and let their light shine.

Please pray for this upcoming women’s gathering, and prayerfully consider supporting our women’s ministry through projects and outreaches like this that invest in sisterhood and raising strong female leaders in Israel. 

“She is worth far more than rubies.”

Proverbs 31:10

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