Elana’s Testimony

Our team recently had the privilege of meeting with Elana, who had just made aliyah from Ukraine with her two children and her husband. During our meeting, Elana seemed open to the Word of God, listening closely as we shared our testimonies and the Love of Jesus with her.

She, in turn, began to share about all the people she felt God had sent into her life. She told us about her and her family’s escape from Ukraine, how believing volunteers had transported them across the border, and how she had seen God’s hand every step of the way.

Elana also shared with us about her worry over relatives still stuck in Ukraine and her brother, who was serving in the army. We suggested that she turn to the Lord with this situation. We prayed with her for her brother and mother and invited her to our Shabbat meeting on Friday. She happily agreed to join us along with her children.

The following week, Elana came to our congregation office for prayer and fellowship. She also wanted to enquire about our upcoming evangelism event that she was looking forward to attending. She then began asking us questions about walking by faith. We spoke with her at length about the newness of life that Jesus offers and how we receive His free gift of eternal life by faith. Elana decided at that moment to give her life to Jesus, praying the prayer of repentance and receiving the Lord. She is now walking in the newness of life through her faith in Jesus.

Praise the Lord!