Equipping and Building up Israeli Pastors – A Special Cyprus Retreat

It is no easy task to shepherd a congregation, and it’s extra challenging when you’re pastoring a local congregation in a complex country like Israel. 

The calling to be a pastor is a remarkable one. Considering how much God loves people, it is no surprise that He doesn’t anoint just anyone to pastor His people. It is no secret that pastors carry a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders. 

Our goal as an apostolic messianic ministry is to provide local Israeli pastors with an opportunity to be refreshed, recharged, and restored in a safe and nurturing environment. 

We want them to be able to take a moment out of their hectic lives and bring them into a place where it is all about God and them. Abiding in the Lord as He fills their vats with “new wine,” fresh anointing, guidance, training, and a moment to stop, breathe and rest in Him. 

We had this type of pastoral retreat in mind when we organized the one this upcoming 11-16 December in Cyprus. We are hosting 74 pastors and senior leaders at this pastoral retreat for a time of training and refreshing their spirits. 

In these uncertain times, when the world faces one crisis after another, we need strong and godly leaders. Our priority is to invest in equipping and building up the pastors in our communities in Israel. 

At this time, we are still $7,600 short, which is the amount needed to help cover the remaining 25 (out of 75) pastors and leaders that will join our retreat in Cyprus. 

Would you consider investing in Israeli pastors, providing them with the much-needed opportunity to be equipped, trained, and recharged as they carry the great calling of shepherding God’s flock in the land of Israel? 

By sponsoring 1 pastor through a gift of $300 or 10 through a gift of $3,000, you are sowing into the very future of Israel and the entire world as we watch the foretold prophecies being fulfilled in our time.