Escaping Hatred

Escaping Hatred

A Higher Calling

Tensions increased when the Ukraine war broke out, and antisemitism began to rise in Russia. Elena had been living a comfortable life in Moscow but, sensing the direction the world was heading, she made the decision to emigrate to her ancient homeland of Israel. Uprooting herself from all she knew, she left most of her belongings behind and made the long journey to Israel to begin her new life.

At 60 years old, starting over is not an easy task, and much more difficult when you arrive with little to nothing to your name. Seeking out help from any organization that will help is often the first task on your list. In desperate need of practical help, Elena heard about our humanitarian events for new immigrants that provided aid packages to the Olim (new Jewish immigrants) and came to Beit Hallel seeking help.

Elena visited us regularly and became curious about our organization, frequently asking us questions about our faith and beliefs, especially as Jews living in Israel. She shared that she had always felt a “higher calling” and was interested in learning more about this Yeshua we believed in. She then invited us to visit her at her apartment for a “cup of tea” and discuss the Gospel in depth to better understand what we believed.

Our team arrived at her apartment soon afterward to visit. We spent some time talking about ourselves, our work and shared our personal testimonies. We could see she had a sincere desire to learn more as she leaned into the conversation, asking many questions about the path of salvation and what faith in Yeshua meant. We explained what the Bible tells us about the redemptive power of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and how, by putting our faith in Him only, we are saved by His blood.

Elena decided to accept the wonderful gift of life she was being offered that day. After giving her heart to Yeshua, she testified she felt an “immense consolation and great joy, unlike anything she had ever felt before.” She had been set free, and her new life had truly begun!

We are happy to report that Elena started attending our Shabbat services the very next week! She has shown herself to be a wonderfully kind person with an openness and hunger for the Word. What a blessing it is to welcome another lost sheep into the fold. Hallelujah!

God is awakening His people and creating a desire in them to be reconciled with His Son, Yeshua. Please pray for Elena and the many others like her. As time draws closer to our Lord’s return, we must become bold in reaching lost with the saving message of the cross.

His desire is that ALL should come!