Establishing a Safe Haven for Believers in Ashkelon

Establishing a Safe Haven for Believers in Ashkelon

The ancient biblical city of Ashkelon is steeped in history, and was an important city on the trade route of the Via Maris, which led from Egypt to Damascus. In 1300 BC, Ashkelon was invaded by the Philistines, who claimed it as one of their five major cities. Many heroes from the Bible had a tremendous impact on this area of Israel, such as Saul, Jonathan, and Samson. 

However, the most remarkable thing that Ashkelon is known for is the great victory that King David achieved over the Philistines there, winning back the city of Ashkelon for the nation of Israel, and therein lies a powerful prophetic picture. We, too, have been sent to Ashkelon by the Lord to wage war, a spiritual war to win back Ashkelon for the Lord. 

Ashkelon has become a hot spot during wars with Gaza. It is one of the Israeli cities that receive the most of the rocket fire out of Gaza. To demonstrate the severity of these attacks on Ashkelon, we’ve attached a video clip below of one of those attacks from Gaza on Ashkelon:

Our congregational membership in Ashkelon has multiplied over the past few years, with the influx of Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet nations, as well as refugees from Ukraine. Because of this growth, we are in need of a larger, safer facility to continue gathering.

To that end, we need your help. We have found a suitable underground bomb-shelter property in Ashkelon that is available to rent. This will provide our growing community of believers in Ashkelon with a comfortable and safe setting to worship the Lord, even during times of war when rockets rain down from Gaza.

This spacious new underground property will provide us with all the space we need for Shabbat meetings, humanitarian projects, and Bible School and Alpha Course classes. We have a video to show more of this incredible facility the Lord has led us to.

Would you stand with us financially to secure this new sanctuary in Ashdod, allowing believers there to gather safely and securely to worship the Lord?

Please consider sowing a monthly seed, big or small, towards this bold new move to win Ashkelon spiritually for the Lord. To partner with us, please visit our Giving page HERE.

Thank you, and God bless!