Faith Strengthened by Tragedy
Nadia’s Testimony

Faith Strengthened by Tragedy - Nadia’s Testimony

A few years ago, Nadya and her husband Gerald made aliyah from Ukraine to Israel to the city of Ashkelon.

Like so many other immigrants, they heard that Beit Hallel Congregation was a place they could receive humanitarian assistance every month so they reached out to us.

We got to know this wonderful couple and saw how open their hearts were and so we spent time with them sharing about the Lord. We also invited them to attend our evangelism event in Galilee, to which they gladly agreed.

As part of our evangelism follow-up work we also invited them to register for our discipleship course. As they attended this class, it became evident that the Holy Spirit was powerfully working in their hearts, and they ultimately accepted Jesus into their hearts and soon began attending one of our local home groups.

When the pandemic hit, we, like other communities around the world, could no longer hold meetings due to restrictions and lockdowns. We continued to try and be in touch with people online and by phone, but when the Covid restrictions finally lifted and we were able to gather again, Nadya and Gerald were noticeably absent.

It turned out that Gerald had been diagnosed with cancer and shortly thereafter passed away. We reached out to Nadya for comfort and encouragement, and we found that she was not disappointed in God but instead had actually held on to her faith for strength. Not long after, Nadya returned to Beit Hallel and wanted to be baptized in water.

Some time has passed now, and she regularly attends our home group, where she continues to grow in the Word while holding on to Jesus. Hallelujah!