Finding Family

Finding Family

A Journey to Belong

They had fled the war in Ukraine for a better life in Israel, but it was a difficult process to adapt to life in Israel. Anya felt lost, alone, and completely out of place, despite the fact that her daughter had accompanied her on the journey.

Many new Jewish immigrants arrive in Israel with countless challenges to overcome, such as learning Hebrew, locating a place to stay, and finding a job. When combined with the fact that Israel’s culture is so unique from anywhere else in the world, you quickly find your limits tested.

Anya is one such immigrant. She recently made aliyah and was struggling to find her feet in Israel. Desperate for direction and clarity in this new environment, she began reaching out to a number of her new acquaintances for guidance and aid. Elena, a long-time member of Beit Hallel, lives in the same building and was one of the people Anya had reached out to.

Interceding on Anya’s behalf, Elena contacted Beit Hallel’s leadership to see if some of our outreach team could come to visit her to offer some solace and guidance on how she can receive direction and spiritual aid.  Our team leader Miriam reached out to Anya to arrange a time for us to meet and introduce ourselves.

When our team arrived at Anya’s apartment, she warmly welcomed us and sat us down for tea and snacks. Anya began by telling us how tough her experience has been since arriving in Israel five months ago. She had been struggling to navigate the roadblocks of coming to a new country on her own. Learning a new language was a challenge and made it difficult to make friends. She felt lonely and disoriented.

We each shared with her the difficulties we each experienced when we had made Aliyah, encouraging and letting her know she was not alone in her struggles. We made sure to let her know that Yeshua had been the pivotal element in us being able to find peace and joy in Israel. It was through the community of believers in Ashdod that we all began to feel at home. By attending prayer and Shabbat meetings, and spending time in fellowship with those who had walked similar paths, we found a family in one another.

Anya started asking very pertinent questions about God. It was very clear that she was very interested in learning how to have a relationship with Him and in living a life of faith in Yeshua. We invited her to attend one of our home groups to study the Word while meeting with others like herself. She quickly accepted our invitation, saying it would allow her to spend time with other ladies her age, who would be able to offer her encouragement. Anya desperately needed to feel that she was not alone and that were people out there who would stand with her in overcoming life’s challenges.

A week later, Anya attended her first home group meeting. She listened very carefully, asking great questions and reflecting deeply on the Word of God that was shared. Anya’s eyes were shining with joy after that first meeting. She testified that: “She felt at home and didn’t want to leave the meeting!” This is what she had been missing since coming to Israel; that feeling of belonging, being accepted by loving people and a caring Father. A week ago, Anya made a conscious decision to pray the prayer of repentance, receiving Yeshua as her Lord and Savior. Tears rolled down her face as she was overcome with joy. She came home to God!

Anya’s spiritual life was supernaturally charged that day! She began volunteering at our services, prayer meetings, and monthly women’s conferences, helping in any way she could.

She recently shared with us that her salvation, her participation in community life at Beit Hallel, and the relationships that she had formed with her family in God, was proof to her that He is truly alive. He does hear our prayers and answers them, changing our hearts when we look for Him, surrender to Him, and strive to do as the Word of God instructs us. Amen.

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