Grace through Devastation!

Grace through Devastation!

We had the pleasure of meeting Alexander and his family at one of our community projects to aid the poor and needy. He shared his story of his family’s long and challenging journey to make Aliyah and how relieved they were now that they were home in Israel.

As we spoke with Alexander and his wife, Olga, we learned that Alexander’s father had recently passed away. He had always been in good health but was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia and passed away very quickly. The couple was extremely brokenhearted and dealing with the pain of his loss.

We prayed comfort over Alexander and his wife. Our kindness touched them, and they invited us to their home to share more about the Gospel and what salvation in Yeshua means. Our team was happy to schedule a time to meet with them to share fellowship and a deeper understanding of what salvation looks like.

Upon our arrival, we immediately set to helping them understand Yeshua and his plan of redemption for them. We shared our personal testimonies and gave them the message of salvation. We could see how this message truly touched their hearts. It wasn’t long before Alexander and Olga knew that they were in desperate need of Yeshua. 

We could see the Spirit working in their hearts as we invited them to pray the prayer of repentance. Olga cried throughout the prayer, and Alexander testified that during the prayer, and even afterward, he felt warmth on his head, as if hot oil was being poured out on him. 

The grace of God had come upon this household! As they received Yeshua into their hearts, they were conveyed into the Kingdom of God as sons and daughters of the King, and all of Heaven rejoiced.