Greater Reach

Greater Reach

Remarkable Growth

Ashkelon was once a stronghold of the Canaanites, as well as the Philistines. This city has seen its share of death and destruction as well as a great deal of idol worship. But, when God puts His blessing on His vision to turn things around, new growth can happen in the most desolate places.

The Lord spoke powerful words of prophecy through the mouth of the prophet Zephaniah, referring to the Lord’s miraculous restoration of the land of Israel, as well as Ashkelon, that was to come after its desolation due to its sin and idolatry:

That land will belong to the remnant of the people of Judah; there they will find pasture. In the evening they will lie down in the houses of Ashkelon. The Lord their God will care for them; He will restore their fortunes.

Zep 2:7

Our Beit Hallel, Ashdod Congregation began work in Ashkelon in 2017, conducting small projects and outreaches. We soon became well-known in the community as more people recognized the love and value we provided. As more people began to hear the gospel of Yeshua and we saw the hunger and spiritual need, we felt led to begin a congregation. In 2019, starting with only a handful of new believers, we leased a very small space, and our new church was born. We were astonished at how rapidly it grew! At each service, we saw people come forward to get saved and receive Jesus into their hearts. It was amazing to watch God use these humble beginnings to create a bridge of restoration His Son!

Our congregation in Ashkelon has continued to experience remarkable growth. So much so that we were forced to find a larger space that could house our growing congregation. One that would give us extra rooms to add a children’s ministry and teaching/fellowship areas. We also needed room to enlarge our humanitarian aid distribution center. New immigrants continue to arrive daily and Beit Hallel Ashkelon is often the first place people are directed for support. In just the last year alone, we have over doubled the number of people we are supporting.

We are witnessing God’s favor poured out as we open our new center and launch humanitarian relief efforts to support the poor and needy in this city. Hunger is increasing and The Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts of the people. It is an indication that revival is at Israel’s doorstep. We are rejoicing as we watch this amazing movement of God in a place that has been held in bondage for so long.

However, we need your help. Can you pray for us? Pray for new volunteers and harvest workers to be raised, as well as for Ashkelon’s pastors, Eitan and Yulia, who are on the frontline of Israeli missions in the growing city of Ashkelon. We need to be actively involved in Israel’s revival by supporting Beit Hallel’s network of local Israeli congregations through supporting Voice of Judah Israel. Your prayers and support are vital in this mission to guide the lost sheep into the arms of their shepherd, Yeshua, their Messiah!