Irina’s Story

A dear lady who recently made aliyah to Israel, Irina, joined us for a Biblical excursion to Jerusalem. In Jerusalem, as we visited the many different Biblical sites, we shared the Gospel with our entire group, speaking about the specific acts of Jesus at these Biblical sites. It had a profound impact on everyone present to hear the Gospel message in the very places where it transpired.

Irina seemed very interested when hearing the Gospel message but had many questions and confusion about living in communion with God. Afterward, she came to chat with us about what she had heard. She told us that while she loved hearing about the Gospel, she also believed in other spiritual practices and reading horoscopes. We told her what the Bible says about these things, but we could see she still harbored many doubts and gave off the impression of being cold and unbelieving.

We invited Irina to our next evangelism meeting a few weeks later. She accepted our invitation and spent the entire day there. As she listened to the message given that evening, she was deeply touched by the Holy Spirit. It was as if the Spirit of God had broken through the wall of resistance in her heart. At the altar call, Irina came to the front to pray the prayer of repentance and gave her life to Jesus.

The change on her face was immediate. She appeared to be at complete peace as she cried tears of relief. She had been saved! Her life would never be the same again. The Word that was sown into her life through the previous months had finally produced a harvest! Glory to the Lord!