Jewish and Arab Believers – Puzzle Pieces of One Body

When speaking about the body of Christ in Israel, it is impossible not to mention a big part of it: the Arab Christians.

The world insists on portraying a one-sided picture of life in Israel of Israelis vs. Arabs when in actual fact there’s a real and daily coexistence that many in the world seem to miss.

God designed us in such a way, that we were made to be different and diverse, and in that, we as believers complete each other like puzzle pieces. We cannot all be exactly the same, and Israel is the perfect example of that, which is why it is often called a melting pot.

Some of our dearest friends in the Land, as well as amazing and passionate followers of Jesus, are our fellow Arab believers in Israel. They add so much to the intricate and beautiful mosaic that God created, called the body of Christ.

When speaking of supporting believers in Israel and building the local body, it’s impossible to exclude the amazing Arab congregations that are reaching so many people in their communities, as well as outside of Israel; countries and nations the rest of us might not have access to.

Arab congregations and believers, as well as their wonderful pastors, leaders, and teachers, are a valuable vessel in God’s hand in Israel to reach the unreachable.

This is why our goal is to support the whole spectrum of the body of believers in Israel: both Jew and Arab — One New Man in Christ.

As such, it has been our privilege to partner with Pastor Saleem Shalash and Home of Jesus the King Church in Nazareth, by supporting their evangelism and humanitarian projects financially on a monthly basis. Not only are we family in Christ, but we are also the best of friends.

I firmly believe that it is critical for Jewish Believers like ourselves to be a blessing to our Arab brothers and sisters, as it will ignite the spark that will consume the Middle East with the love of Jesus, allowing freedom, peace, and restoration to flourish through the Arab nations.

If you would like to stand with us in blessing Arab Israeli churches all over Israel,
please consider sowing a seed today towards reconciliation and revival in Israel