Making a difference!

Making a difference!

Janet Mathews
A VOJI Volunteer Testimony

When I was invited by Maylynne at Voice of Judah Israel to pray over their donors, I thought, who would want to do that? But then I decided I would pray on it and seek the Lord’s direction. He began speaking to me through scripture, mainly the book of Isaiah. I felt I was being led to take the assignment.

The beginning list I was given was challenging. Sometimes the names didn’t match or there were wrong numbers. It quickly became frustrating, but I was determined to push through. Soon, I connected with a young man who seemed eager to take my call. Not long into the conversation, he shared with me that one of his parents had just passed away and he was at the funeral home preparing for the funeral. I expressed my condolences and told him I would add his name to our prayer list that would be sent to our team in Israel, who would be praying for him. He was very grateful and when I asked if there was anything else I could pray with him for, he immediately responded with, “Yes! Please pray that my family accepts Jesus!” He then put me on speakerphone and together, we prayed for him and his family.

His enthusiastic response and reception of my prayers were the boost I needed. I hung up the phone and danced before the Lord in praise, asking Him if I could have just one more! The Lord has since been faithful to give me many more God appointments.

There have been several times when a donor has answered the phone and was in the middle of dealing with a difficult situation. They were so grateful that I called just at that time to offer to pray with them. What a joy it is when you are walking in the Father’s will, knowing that you are making a difference for the Glory of God!

God has been so faithful to me in this assignment. He has changed my life in many ways. One of my sons has accepted Jesus, been baptized, tithes, and now goes to church regularly, and my relationship with my other son has been healed. I have also received physical healing from listening to Pastor Pochtar’s messages and gained new confidence in myself to pray for others.

I am living proof of Psalm 122, those who bless Israel will be blessed. The Lord has enabled me to lead and prosper in our family business even after my husband’s death. He is truly a Father to the fatherless and a keeper of the widow.

It has been a tremendous honor to serve the Lord by praying for VOJI donors. This is truly a family of believers. I’ve observed the Lord’s blessings upon this group of people as I have the honor and privilege to pray for them. No financial payment could ever cover the blessings I have received from serving in this capacity.