Nadia’s Testimony

Nadia is a recent immigrant from Ukraine who came to our offices to qualify for humanitarian aid. While she was filling out the necessary paperwork, we explained how our ministry worked at Beit Hallel, adding the importance of the spiritual aspect. We explained how through prayer and reading of the Bible, the Lord provides our needs and wisdom. She then shared that there had been a moment in her life when she directly appealed to God for problems in her family and received an answer.

We also told her of our outreach events and that we would soon be doing a Biblical excursion in Jerusalem. She immediately expressed her desire to go with us to Jerusalem and visit the Western Wall to pray for her son, who is now in Ukraine in the army. We read Psalm 90 with her and then explained how we all can pray with power in the name of Jesus once we’ve received Him as our Lord and Savior. We then shared the path of salvation that Jesus offers all of us and how she could receive Him as Lord and Savior in her heart if that is what she desired.

Glory to Jesus, she responded with joy and excitement that she would love to receive the Lord, as it seemed God had been leading her to this point for a while now. She prayed the prayer of salvation, and immediately joy and peace flooded her heart. 

We’ve been keeping in close communication with Nadia. She has been joining us for our Biblical excursions and Shabbat services and feels blessed by them. We pray for God’s grace in her life for further following the Lord, as well as for the protection of her son in Ukraine’s army.